Pharmaton® - Matruelle® Capsules

Matruelle® Capsules

Maintains vital health before, during and after pregnancy.

  • Capsules for Mothers & babies

Usage & Dosage

Pharmaton® Matruelle® addresses women planning on having a baby, currently pregnant, or already nursing their infant. With its carefully balanced formula, mothers and babies can now be sure of getting exactly the right micronutrients, in the right concentrations and at the right times to cover their changing needs.


Ideally, for mothers and mothers-to-be as well as their babies we recommend taking Pharmaton® Matruelle® once daily in combination with varied, nutritionally well-balanced meals. Pharmaton® Matruelle® capsules are best taken with some food and something to drink at breakfast, to start off each day right.

Taken daily, Pharmaton® Matruelle® provides more than just the correct dosages of Folate and Iron that expecting-mothers need: Pharmaton® Matruelle® also supplies all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, as well as the important Omega-3 fatty acids, needed during and after a pregnancy through a specially tailored scientific formula. In this way, Pharmaton® Matruelle® ensures that correct levels of micronutrients always remain available, thereby assuring the health of both mothers and their infants.

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Did you know that taking Pharmaton® Matruelle® helps to prevent iron deficiency?