2nd trimester of pregnancy

Continuous growth depends on micronutrients

As a baby grows, the mother's belly grows, too - and their needs for micronutrients continue to rise. In this high-growth phase, keeping micronutrients levels in balance can be difficult, because mothers as well as their babies have very different demands. But here, too, Pharmaton® Matruelle® can help by delivering just the right amounts of essential micronutrients.


Pharmaton® Matruelle® benefits during 2nd trimester of (mid-term) pregnancy.

Mother Baby
Ensures ideal micronutrient levels Provides reliable micronutrient supplies
Covers increasing demands for Iron Promotes healthy growth of all organs
Strengthens the heart, blood vessels,circulatory system, as well as the nervous and immune system Enhances each stage of the high-growth phase
Pharmaton - Product mothers & babies

Product mothers & babies

Maintains vital health before, during and after pregnancy.