Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips

How you eat affects both of you

During pregnancy, babies are "fed" by their mothers, receiving all their nourishment through the placenta and umbilical cord. In this way the mother's body will supply her baby with everything it needs, and thus the mother's micronutrient level directly affects her baby's development. When it comes to eating and drinking, what's good for a mother also benefits her child. This natural fact therefore helps mothers to positively influence their baby's growth and development as well as its long-term health and well-being.

Pharmaton® Matruelle® doesn’t claim to replace a well-rounded diet, but makes sure mother and child receive sufficient amounts of all the micronutrients they need. Therefore take Pharmaton® Matruelle® in combination with varied, nutritionally well-balanced meals.

We recommend starting to follow our nutrition & lifestyle tips as soon as you plan becoming pregnant. Then your body will be optimally prepared at the beginning of pregnancy. Ideally, you should also consider following our extra tips for pregnancy right from the moment you actively begin preparing for pregnancy, in other words, when your pregnancy could begin anytime. You should also try to keep up following these tips throughout the whole pregnancy. And after giving birth, the tips for women during breast feeding will help you give your baby the best nutrition there is.

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Product mothers & babies

Maintains vital health before, during and after pregnancy.